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Oretachi Ni Ai Wa Nai

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Name: Oretachi Ni Ai Wa Nai
Alternate Name: No Love For Us, Ore-tachi Ni Ai Wa Nai, There's No Love Between Us
Year of Release: 2007
Status: Completed
Author: Hinachi Nao
Genre: Shoujo
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Mikoto Inui lives with her rich grandfather. Her parents are dead, so he's all that she has. Her grandfather is worried about what will happen to her when he's not there anymore, so he wants her to attend an omiai [an arranged marriage meeting], while she'd prefer to go live on her own. He pushes her to attend them anyway, but at her next omia, she meets Saruno Itaru, whom she likes right away. They decide to get engaged but... things aren't what they seem to be?

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